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How Did Kylo Ren Construct His Unstable Lightsaber?

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Kylo Ren, one of the central figures in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, wields a unique and fearsome weapon: lightsabers that were not properly constructed. Kylo Ren is not the standard Jedi or Sith who uses a sleek and elegant-looking lightsaber; rather, his lightsaber is rather rugged, has electrical power, and has a cross guard. Understanding how it was built is a rather fascinating narrative, and one that is very tied to Kylo Ren.

The Beginning: Ben Solo’s Transformation

Kat called Kylo Ren, who was previously Ben Solo, the child of Han Solo and Leia Organa. Ben is another name for this character, and through the show, people see how he was trained as a Jedi by his uncle, Luke Skywalker. However, at some point, he was tempted to the dark side, primarily driven by Snoke and the sinful acts of his grandfather, Vader. After it, Ben Solo turns into Kylo Ren; he does not have any ties to the past anymore and follows the dark side.

The Need for a New Lightsaber

When Kylo Ren ditched the Jedi way, we had to see him wielding a new lightsaber to affirm his change of frock. He wanted a weapon that could represent the confused state inside of him and the confusion he feels. This made him come up with a lightsaber that was unique in every way from others that were in existence.

Constructing the Hilt

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber hilt is simple and dwarfish; it looks more like a vintage souvenir. He built it from some parts of a legacy model, an old lightsaber that he recovered from the Sith archive. Quillons, also called crossguard blades, are the weapon’s two shorter blades located on the sides of the main blade, also referred to as the blade body. As a matter of fact, these side blades are more than just a stylistic feature of Viking warriors.

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 The Kyber Crystal

This crystal is usually placed in the middle of a lightsaber. They are normally empty or very lightly colored, the rest not affecting the crystal, but when used in a lightsaber by a Jedi, they glow with a pure, steady arc. However, Kylo Ren’s crystal was different as soon as he realized that the desperation of his man was justified. He used a cracked kyber crystal, which is quite unusual for the general concept.

It is possible to enlist the following explanations as to how Kylo Ren could have come across this cracked crystal: It could have been damaged during the process of bleeding—a method Dark Side users use to adulterate a crystal. This process involves channeling wrath, malice, and sorrow into the crystal, where it is transformed into a red hue. That must have been the reason that the crystal cracked up due to the excess emotions Kylo Ren was experiencing.

The Unstable Blade

The kyber crystal in Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is damaged and emits a cracking sound, which manifests in a flickering lightsaber. This way, this instability is a reflection of the character and nature of Kylo Ren, who is portrayed as an internalized and unstable antagonist. To help control the residual heat and ensure the hilt doesn’t get too hot, the crossguard vents were incorporated. These vents afford redundant energy to egress, therefore giving crossguard sword blades their characteristic shape.

The Crossguard Design

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is another lightsaber that gives actual usage as well as political and other factors importance to its design; its crossguard design is both functional and meaningful. In practice, it serves as a way to redirect the power leakage from the cracked crystal so that a lightsaber will not explode. In essence, for the crossguard, it bears a look like a medieval sword that, in factorial conjunction with the character of Kylo Ren, who admires the ancient Sith and the old ways of fighting.

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The lightsaber that Kylo Ren wields is also unkempt and erratically glowing, which is a testament to both his emotional vulnerability and anger. To create it, it incorporated an archaic form and a flawed kyber crystal, as well as engineering the latter’s inherent flaw to its advantage. This is not a mere weapon that the villain of the movie uses, but it could be seen as embodying several aspects of Kylo Ren’s personality and story arc as a dark side character.

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