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How Do Jedi And Sith Differ In Their Use Of Lightsabers?

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In the galaxy of Star Wars, lightsabers are iconic weapons. These glowing swords are wielded by both Jedi and Sith, but their use and the philosophies behind them are quite different. Let’s explore how Jedi and Sith use lightsabers and what these differences tell us about their contrasting beliefs and practices.

The Jedi and Their Lightsabers

Peacekeepers and Protectors

Jedi are known as peacekeepers and protectors of the galaxy. They use their lightsabers to defend themselves and others, often trying to avoid conflict whenever possible. For the Jedi, a lightsaber is a symbol of hope and protection.

Training and Discipline

Jedi undergo rigorous training to master their lightsaber skills. They practice various forms of lightsaber combat, focusing on precision, control, and defense. One of the most common forms is Form III, also known as Soresu, which emphasizes defensive techniques to outlast an opponent.

Blue and Green Lightsabers

Most Jedi lightsabers are blue or green. The color is determined by the crystal inside the lightsaber, known as a kyber crystal. Blue lightsabers are typically used by Jedi Guardians who focus on combat, while green lightsabers are often used by Jedi Consulars who focus more on the Force and diplomacy.

Non-Aggressive Combat Style

Jedi prefer a non-aggressive style of combat. They believe in using their lightsabers to disarm opponents rather than to kill. Their goal is to resolve conflicts peacefully, using violence only as a last resort.

The Sith and Their Lightsabers

Conquerors and Dominators

Sith, on the other hand, are known as conquerors and dominators. They use their lightsabers aggressively to assert power and control. For the Sith, a lightsaber is a symbol of strength and fear.

Training and Ruthlessness

Sith training is harsh and often involves brutal methods. They focus on overpowering their opponents with sheer strength and aggression. The Sith favor Form V, known as Djem So, which emphasizes powerful strikes and offensive tactics.

Red Lightsabers

Sith lightsabers are almost always red. This is because the Sith use synthetic crystals, which they corrupt through the dark side of the Force. The red color symbolizes their anger, hatred, and desire for power.

Aggressive Combat Style

Sith adopt an aggressive combat style. They strike with the intent to kill, using their lightsabers to dominate and destroy their enemies. For the Sith, mercy is a weakness, and they aim to eliminate any threats to their power.

Philosophical Differences

Jedi: Balance and Harmony

Jedi philosophy centers on balance and harmony. They believe in the Force as a unifying power that connects all living things. Jedi seek to use the Force for good, maintaining peace and justice in the galaxy.

Sith: Power and Control

Sith philosophy, in contrast, centers on power and control. They see the Force as a tool to achieve their desires, often at the expense of others. Sith are driven by their emotions, especially anger and hatred, which they believe make them stronger.


In summary, the Jedi and Sith have vastly different approaches to their use of lightsabers. Jedi use their lightsabers as tools of defense and protection, embodying their commitment to peace and harmony. Sith use their lightsabers as weapons of aggression and power, reflecting their desire for dominance and control. These differences in lightsaber use highlight the fundamental contrasts in their beliefs and actions, shaping their roles in the Star Wars galaxy.

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